Sustainable heat recovery

Waste heat as a heat source

Use the waste heat from your oil-free compressor to your advantage. By means of heat recovery you can greatly reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions.

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Why heat recovery?

Find out why the use of waste heat is worth your while.

Use waste
heat to heat:


process heat



Conserve energy your wallet the environment

For these reasons, the conservation around resources is becoming increasingly important:

Energy prices are guaranteed to continue to rise.

Concern for the environment and the importance of sustainability are increasing.

Countries and industries are facing strict targets to reduce their CO2 emissions.

By using new technologies, you not only save energy, but also modernise your operations.

The Solution

Heat recovery with oil-free Ultima compressors.

The Ultima compressor range offers various heat recovery options to meet individual customer needs

Water-cooled UltimaTM + E-max

The turnkey heat recovery box for oil-free compressors.

E-max includes all the main components required for a heat recovery system. The installation of a heat recovery system using E-Max is very straightforward and virtually maintenance-free.

Air-cooled Ultima with heat recovery

Did you know that the air-cooled ULTIMA is the only air-cooled oil-free compressor on the market that is suitable for heat recovery, thus enabling significant energy and cost savings?

Give your compressed air system an efficiency upgrade

With a CompAir heat recovery system, the heat generated by the compressor can be reused.


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